Luxury Property Puglia is a website which offers prestigious properties throughout Puglia.
The properties on this website have been specifically selected by the agency taking into account the needs of a very specific clientele.

The pre-purchase stage

The team at Luxury Property Puglia is at your service from your first contact. Contact can be made via email or via the contact form on this site (click here). A specialist will reply to all of your queries, provide information and explain everything you need to know about the property.
Given the information you have provided, Luxury Property Puglia will put together a selection of properties, which match your idea of a perfect property. If from the range of properties put forward to you, there are one or two properties, which interest you, the next step is to visit Puglia and the properties in person. Once you have arrived in Italy we will accompany you to visit the property. We will be on hand to clear up any doubts you have regarding the property to allow you to come to a decision.

The purchase stage

If you decide to purchase a property we will take care of every aspect of the process.
We will assist you step by step to facilitate and speed up the purchase and will help you fulfil all legal obligations. The consultancy we provide will be complete from start to finish to avoid any unwanted last minute problems. We encourage you to raise any doubts or queries you may have as purchasing a property abroad is a leap into the unknown.

The post purchase stage

Following the formal purchase of the property, finalised with the signing of the contract in the presence of the notary, one of our team will assist you with all the necessary requirements to allow you to move into your property.
You will not have to worry about any of the administrative processes needed regarding the utilities i.e. electricity, water, telephone, internet connection or council and rubbish tax. All the administrative work will be taken care of by Luxury Property Puglia.
Our team will also pickup the deeds to your property from the notary, which is typically 30 days after the signing. We will deliver them to you or keep them in the agency until your next visit.

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