Luxury Property Puglia offers a unique post sales service, which offers first class support to you the purchaser. The post purchase service includes the management and maintenance of your new luxury property.
The extra services have a single objective: relieve you of every worry.

The service includes:

  • Processing administrative needs, such as organising the calculation and payment of IMU, Italian council tax, and filing tax returns for the ownership of a property in Italy. The authorities require this payment via a specific form, which is due to be paid as per the regulations set by the Italian government, currently in June and December.
  • Managing utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc.). If the client does not have a direct debit setup with their Italian bank account, they can ask the agency to pay on their behalf upon receipt of funds.
  • Postal address. The agency can act as a postal box for any correspondence. Clients are able to specify whether the agency will act as a “passive postal box” (where all correspondence will be kept sealed until the client returns to Italy) or an “active postal box” (one of the team will open the correspondence, scan the document and send it via email). Correspondence is kept within specified boxes.
  • Maintenance of the property. The agency can provide a cleaning service for the house, the swimming pool and garden maintenance giving peace of mind to the owner allowing them to return and find their property in perfect condition.

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